Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vacuum Belts Explained

The vacuum belt is an essential component of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum belts are responsible for transferring power from the motor to the brush roll, which then provides agitation to remove dirt and debris from your carpet. All vacuum belts are made out of special rubber compounds that are each specially designed for a particular vacuum model.

After a period of time the vacuum belt will wear and stretch, if it weakens too much it might even break. If the vacuum belt stretches or breaks it will not transfer power to the brush roll and will not remove dirt and debris from your carpet. There are many different styles and sizes of vacuum belts. Each vacuum model requires a specific style and size of vacuum belt to perform properly.

Replacing your vacuums belt is very simple process. If you have your local vacuum repair shop change your vacuum belt you can expect to pay double for the belt and anywhere from $25 to $100 for labor! Yes, you could be paying this much for a job that will take you 5 minutes and a couple bucks for a replacement vacuum belt. So why not save some money and change your belt yourself?

At you can find replacement vacuum belts for all brands, makes and models. Here you will find the vacuum belt you need at the lowest price on the internet and a lower price than retail stores. At you will also find how to instructions and downloadable manuals for most models. So save yourself some money get your vacuum belts at

***Remember to change your vacuum belt at least once a year to ensure optimum performance!

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